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Data Analysis and Statistical Software

For Researchers

Stata is the solution for your data science needs. Obtain and manipulate data. Explore. Visualize. Model. Make inferences. Collect your results into reproducible reports.

By Researchers

"We are professional software developers, and research excites us. So we develop powerful tools to make you a more effective researcher. We clearly explain these tools. And, when you need more, we are happy to talk to you about them. Our passion for research drives everything we do." - StataCorp LLC

Data Conversion Software

Stat/Transfer is designed to simplify the transfer of statistical data between different programs.

The easiest way to move data between worksheets, databases & statistical packages.

Stat/Transfer has provided fast, reliable, and convenient data transfer between popular software packages for thousands of users, worldwide.

Equation Editor

Global solution for math and science

Edit, grade, calculate

Easily create math equations and chemistry formulas using a visual editor. Handwriting in mobile and tablets. Integrated into leading LMS and word processors.

Bibliographies, References & Citations

Is research part of your future? Think bigger.

If your career will get a boost from the research you produce, you need a forward-looking reference manager – right from the start.

It's time to look beyond the basics.

More than just a reference manager.

EndNote moves you through the research process as you search, organize, write, publish and share.

  • Access thousands of research databases
  • Use 6,000+ citation styles
  • Build a reference library in your field
  • Write research papers and manuscripts
  • Create course syllabi, write grant applications, maintain your CV
  • Share or co-create research libraries with up to 14 people plus yourself

As a researcher, you are constantly juggling different roles, dealing with competing demands on your time, and coordinating not only your own activities in publishing research but also those of your collaborators–around the department and around the world.

EndNoteX9 is the reference management software that not only frees you from the tedious work of manually collecting and curating your research materials and formatting bibliographies, but also gives you greater ease and control in coordinating with your colleagues.

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Statistical Tools for Excel

XLSTAT is the leading data analysis and statistical solution for Microsoft Excel®.

The XLSTAT statistical analysis add-in offers a wide variety of functions to enhance the analytical capabilities of Excel, making it the ideal tool for your everyday data analysis and statistics requirements.

The XLSTAT statistical analysis software is compatible with all Excel versions from version 2003 to version 2016 (2011 and 2016 for Mac), and is compatible with Windows Vista to Windows 10 systems, as well as with PowerPC and Intel based Mac systems.

Because it is powerful, reliable, affordable, easy to install and to use, XLSTAT has grown to be one of the most commonly used statistical software packages on the market. Today, the XLSTAT community includes more than 100,000 users, businesses and universities, large and small, in over 200 countries across the world.

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Software Development

Deliver Top-Notch Software Performance

This comprehensive suite of development tools makes it simpler to build and modernize code with the latest techniques in vectorization, multithreading, multinode parallelization , and memory optimization. IT enables C, C++, Fortran, and Python software developers to:

Create Faster Code:
Boost applications performance that scales on current and future Intel® platforms.

Build Code Faster:
Simplify the process creating parallel code

C++, Fortran, and Python tools for technical computing, enterprise, and high-performance computing (HPC) on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS (Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2018 Composer Edition only)

Boost hardware acceleration, speed up video transcoding, and transition to new formats.

An easy-to-use, comprehensive, cross-platform tool suite to speed development of system and IoT device applications on Linux, Windows, macOS, and Android.

Choose the one that meets your development needs.

Endpoint Data Loss Prevention

Nearly two thirds of serious data leakage incidents are caused by employees, contractors or visitors - whether through unintentional mistakes or by malicious intent.

With over 70,000 customers who’ve installed DeviceLock on over 7 million computers, DeviceLock Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software can protect your valuable data from this serious insider threat for less than you’d probably expect.

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