Stat/Transfer 17

The Easiest Way to Move Data Between Worksheets, Databases & Statistical Programs

Makes Your Data Instantly Usable.

Stat/Transfer is designed to simplify the transfer of statistical data between different programs.

Manual transfer is not only time-consuming, it is error-prone. For those in possession of data sets with many variables, it represents a serious impediment to the use of more than one program.

Stat/Transfer removes this barrier by providing an extremely fast, reliable and automatic way to move data.

Stat/Transfer will automatically read statistical data in the internal format of one of the supported programs and will then transfer as much of the information as is present and appropriate to the internal format of another.

Stat/Transfer preserves all of the precision in your data, while automatically minimizing the size of your output data set. Stat/Transfer also allows control over the storage format of your output variables.

In addition to converting the formats of variables, Stat/Transfer also processes variable names, missing values and variable labels automatically.

Stat/Transfer can save hours and even days of manual labor, while at the same time eliminating error. Furthermore, you gain this speed and accuracy without losing flexibility, since Stat/Transfer allows you to select just the variables and cases you want to transfer.

In addition to the standard graphical user interface, a command processor allows you to run a transfer in batch mode. This makes it straightforward to set up fully automatic batch procedures for repetitive tasks.



Stat/Transfer moves your data from one program to another with no loss of precision, while producing the smallest datasets possible. All of your metadata – value labels, variable labels and missing values - are accurately and effortlessly transformed.


Most transfer operations take just a few seconds and few clicks of the mouse. Of course you could use other tools to do what Stat/Transfer does, but it would take you hours, days, and even weeks of effort to duplicate what Stat/Transfer does in a few seconds. What is your time worth?

Easy to Use

Fast transfers aren’t fast if you have to spend time puzzling over how to set them up. With Stat/Transfer’s intuitive user interface, most transfers can be performed with only a few mouse clicks. For more complicated operations, context sensitive help is a click away. Stat/Transfer is designed from top to bottom to save your valuable time.


With Stat/Transfer you can produce just the output you need. It is easy to select variables, cases and data types. A variety of options (all with sensible defaults) allow you to tailor your transfer so that it meets the needs that you have today and in the future.


Stat/Transfer can automatically produce a log documenting your transfer operations. It can also produce a Stat/Transfer command processor file that will enable you to re-run the transfer with just a few clicks. Because this program reflects the entire state of your options settings as well as all of the other information entered in the user interface, it allows you to thoroughly document your data transfer.

New in Version 17


Stat/Transfer version 17 now supports the following new formats:

  • SAS Version 8 Transport Files
  • Parquet Files (Writing)
  • R Tibbles (writing) for improved support of value and variable lables
  • R single object (RDS) files (Writing)
  • JSON-stat V2 Datasets (Reading)
  • Minitab 20 Project (MPX) files (Reading)
  • Minitab 20 Worksheet (MWX) files (Reading)
  • Statistica 12-14
  • Data Documentation Intiative (DDI) Codebooks and Data


New support for reading Matlab date and time string classes, UTF16 character vectors, and matrices (cell arrays that contain character and numeric variables).

New Platform Support

Stat/Transfer is now shipping with native support for Mac M1 processors and the latest versions of OS-X. Windows 11 is fully supported.


Microsoft Windows

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11
  • 64 or 32 bit
  • Intel or AMD x86 processor
  • 25 MB of free disk space
  • At least a 1024*786 display

Apple Mac/OS-X

System Requirements

  • Apple Mac OS 10.10 or higher, 11 or 12
  • Intel or Apple M1 processor
  • 20 MB of free disk space
  • At least a 1024*786 display


Software Requirements

  • 64 bit
  • Kernel 4.1 or higher
  • glibc 2.19 or higher
  • gtk 2.24 or higher

Hardware Requirements

  • Intel or AMD x86-64 processor
  • 20 MB of free disk space
  • At least a 1024*786 display

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Stat/Transfer produced by Circle Systems Inc.