ATLAS.ti 24

Master Your Research Projects with the Power of AI

ATLAS.ti bridges human expertise with AI efficiency to provide fast and accurate insights. Communicate directly with your documents and have them automatically coded based on your intent for customized results. Leverage the most advanced AI tools that make suggestions while you have the final say.

ATLAS.ti Desktop Features:

Gain AI-driven insights fueled by OpenAI

ATLAS.ti Desktop helps you manage, organize and analyze your material creatively yet systematically. Regardless of your field, leverage our AI-powered research tools with OpenAI integration and unlock insights automatically.

  • Import and automatically code text documents in all major formats, even surveys
  • Work with all common graphic and audio files as well as video types
  • Import data from transcripts, Evernote, Twitter, or your favorite Reference Manager

Analyze your material in unparalleled depth

With ATLAS.ti Desktop, you get to know your material in tremendous detail, allowing you to identify even the slightest nuances in your data. Code on autopilot with the help of AI and develop a system of meaning that uncovers hidden insights for your research subject.

  • Take advantage of automatic research tools fueled by machine learning algorithms
  • Explore your data meticulously with our unique network editor
  • Make use of word frequency tables and intelligent query options

Research that actually brings results

Valued by the world's leading organizations, our qualitative analysis software enables researchers across disciplines to discover better and richer insights than ever before. ATLAS.ti Desktop versions are designed to keep up with even the most ambitious projects.

  • Take advantage of an intuitive user experience on Windows and Mac
  • Collaborate on your projects seamlessly across teams and ATLAS.ti versions
  • Create reports with versatile visualizations that bring your data to life

ATLAS.ti Web Features:

Work smarter, not harder – with the power of OpenAI

ATLAS.ti Web speeds up your analysis workflow so you can spend more time discovering insights and less time doing tedious manual tasks. Save time and energy with AI-driven analysis tools fueled by the groundbreaking GPT model from OpenAI – all in your web browser.

  • Manage all your documents and material in one place, 100% online
  • Import Word and PDF files or ATLAS.ti desktop projects for seamless project exchange
  • Structure, refine and analyze your data with the help of machine learning algorithms

Get results in minutes, not hours - efficient, fast and easy

With ATLAS.ti Web, you can make sense of all your data in one clear, intuitive and collaborative analysis solution. Whether you want to work alone or collectively with your entire team – unlocking qualitative findings has never been that effortless and efficient.

  • Automatically code qualitative insights assisted by AI-driven tools
  • Smart Search and Auto Coding features provide super-fast results
  • Invite your team members and collaborate with others in real-time

Present your insights with confidence – professional visualizations included

Our web-based platform enables you to analyze your data anywhere, anytime, with the power of the world's leading qualitative data analysis tools. No matter how large or complex your project, ATLAS.ti Web will help you visualize and share your findings faster than ever before.

  • Capture your qualitative analysis journey and conclusions
  • Leverage meaningful charts and visualizations for your reports
  • Export your projects and expand your analysis with ATLAS.ti desktop versions

System Requirements


Hardware: 64 bit Intel® or AMD® compatible CPU, 4GB RAM minimum (8-16GB strongly recommended), 1.5 GB free hard disk.

Operating systems: Windows® 11 64-bit; Windows® 10 64-bit, at least Version 1607, "Anniversary Update." - NOTE: Some special Windows editions, such as Windows 10N and Windows 10 for Virtual Desktops, are NOT supported.


Hardware: Any Mac® with an Intel® or Apple Silicon CPU and at least 4GB RAM; SSD strongly recommended.

Operating systems: macOS 11 Big Sur or higher. We recommend macOS 13 Ventura or higher.

For better natural language processing results, ATLAS.ti can optionally use bigger machine learning models, which require at least 8 GB of RAM on Windows and Mac computers.

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ATLAS.ti: Quality Software Developed in Germany

ATLAS.ti was first created as a research project of the Technical University Berlin. Ever since then, ATLAS.ti has taken a breathtaking development.

Today, the program is sold and used around the world, with major organizations and corporate players among its enthusiastic users.