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Data Analysis and Statistical Software


Intuitive · Powerful · Complete

Stata is a complete, integrated statistical software package that provides everything you need for data analysis, data management, and graphics.

Fast, accurate, and easy to use

With both a point-and-click interface and a powerful, intuitive command syntax, Stata is fast, accurate, and easy to use.

All analyses can be reproduced and documented for publication and review. Version control ensures that the scripts for your analyses will continue to produce the same results no matter when they were written. See certification results and FDA document compliance for accuracy details.

Broad suite of statistical features

Stata puts hundreds of statistical tools at your fingertips;

from standard methods, such as

  • Basic tabulations and summaries,
  • Case–control analysis,
  • ARIMA,
  • Linear regression,
  • Time-series smoothers,
  • Generalized linear models, (GLM)
  • Cluster analysis,
  • Contrasts and comparisons,
  • Power analysis,
  • Choice modeling,
  • Sample selection,
  • more ...

to advanced techniques, such as

  • Multilevel models,
  • Survival models with frailty,
  • Dynamic panel-data (DPD) regressions,
  • SEM (structural equation modeling),
  • Binary, count, and censored outcomes,
  • ARCH,
  • Multiple imputation,
  • Latent class analysis (LCA),
  • Treatment effects,
  • Survey data,
  • Bayesian analysis,
  • Finite mixture models (FMM),
  • more ...

Equation Editor


Design Science MathType™ is a powerful interactive tool for Windows and Macintosh that lets you create mathematical notation for word processing, web pages, desktop publishing, presentations, and for TeX, LaTeX, and MathML documents. MathType is the professional version of the Equation Editor in Microsoft Office and works with 100s of applications and websites.

Design Science has tailored software solutions to the needs of authors, publishers, educators, engineers, and scientists. A couple of our solutions are :

Solutions for Microsoft Word Users

· MathType is the full-featured version of Equation Editor

If you use Microsoft Word, you are probably familiar with our Equation Editor product that comes with Word. Our MathType product is the full-featured version of Equation Editor, with lots of additional features that let you work faster and smarter.

· Word + MathType for teachers

Many math, science, business, and economics educators use our MathType product to create tests and other classroom materials containing math notation.

· Using Word + MathType to author articles and books for publication

Virtually all professional journal and textbook publishers accept submissions in Microsoft Word document form with equations authored using either our MathType or Equation Editor products.

· Using Word + MathType to author web pages for online publication

MathType's new MathPage feature takes the place of Word's Save As Web Page command for creating pages with mathematical notation. MathPage does a much better job and adds a few bells and whistles of its own.

Solutions for Educators and Web Developers

Putting math on the Web means many things to many people -- publishing research articles, posting quizzes and reviews for students, interactive tutorials and simulations

· Use MathType to save Microsoft Word documents as web pages

· Use MathType with your favorite HTML or XML editor

· Use MathFlow to create dynamic math pages

· Letting your readers get more out of your math web pages using MathML

Bibliography, References & Archiving

Endnote X8

Is research part of your future? Think bigger.

If your career will get a boost from the research you produce, you need a forward-looking reference manager – right from the start.

It's time to look beyond the basics.

More than just a reference manager.

EndNote moves you through the research process as you search, organize, write, publish and share.

  • Access thousands of research databases
  • Use 6,000+ citation styles
  • Build a reference library in your field
  • Write research papers and manuscripts
  • Create course syllabi, write grant applications, maintain your CV
  • Share or co-create research libraries with up to 14 people plus yourself

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Software Development


Deliver top C++ and Fortran application performance with less effort

Faster code: Boost applications performance that scales on today’s and next-gen processors

Create code faster: Utilize a toolset that simplifies creating fast, reliable parallel code

Get more performance with less effort on compatible Intel® processors and coprocessors. Intel® Parallel Studio XE comes in three editions based on your development needs.

For further information view :

Music Notation Software

Finale 25

Experience the ultimate music notation program, offering complete control over every aspect of the printed page and spectacular playback from integrated Garritan sounds. Today’s Finale harnesses unmatched power and flexibility with an easy-to-use interface.

Whatever music you imagine, the new Finale can bring it to life, more quickly and easily than ever before.

Now a full 64-bit application, the new Finale includes many under-the-hood enhancements resulting in improved performance. But that’s only half of the equation.

While Finale has always been recognized as the software that can create ANYTHING, the new Finale also streamlines your workflow so that you can create in a more intuitive and efficient manner.

Plus there are new ways to sync with other apps, new sounds, and better ways to share your music with others.

Take control of your music, your creative process, and your legacy.

Endpoint Data Leak Prevention


DeviceLock is a policy-based endpoint security solution that enables network administrators to centrally control uploading and downloading activity through local computer devices. With DeviceLock you can lock out unauthorized users from USB and FireWire devices, WiFi and Bluetooth adapters, CD-Rom and floppy drives, infrared, serial and parallel ports, PDAs, smartphones and many other plug-and-play devices.

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