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What is StataNow™?

First and foremost, StataNow™ is Stata. It is a continuous-release version of Stata that offers new features as soon as they are ready. StataNow™ is the result of our ongoing effort to deliver the best Stata—the most current Stata—to our users.

Before StataNow™, most new features became available only at the time of a major release such as Stata 17, Stata 18, and so on. StataNow™ provides access to new features sooner. For instance, StataNow™ contains features that will also be part of a future major release, Stata 19.

View StataNow™ features

The features in StataNow are fully tested, fully certified, well documented, version controlled (if needed), as well as polished to our customary high quality. These features are prioritized in the development cycle to be available as soon as they are ready so that users can take advantage of them right away. As always, all versions of Stata are updated regularly with any corrections and necessary improvements. You can view a list of all additions to Stata and StataNow since we shipped Stata 18.

The new features in StataNow are released continuously throughout the current release until the next major release. They are not released according to any preset schedule. All StataNow features are marked as such throughout the Stata website and the Stata documentation.

Because StataNow is Stata, when we mention "Stata" throughout our website and documentation, we also mean "StataNow". We will be specific about StataNow for features available only in StataNow. And because StataNow is Stata, it is available in all editions (StataNow/MP, StataNow/SE, and StataNow/BE) and on all supported platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux). Throughout the website and documentation, we will usually refer to just Stata/MP, Stata/SE, and Stata/BE for simplicity. If you have a StataNow license as described below, you can take this to mean StataNow/MP, StataNow/SE, or StataNow/BE.

How can I get StataNow™?

All annual license holders have access to StataNow, regardless of whether you have an annual license or multiyear license or whether your institution has a site license. You can access the latest StataNow features by simply typing update all in the Command window or by asking your system administrator to update your Stata. Existing Stata 18 users may need to type update all twice. The first update will give you a Stata that knows how to update itself to StataNow. The second update will be StataNow. Then type help whatsnew to see the list of all features.

If you have a perpetual license with maintenance, contact us to obtain new download and license information for StataNow.

If you have a perpetual license without maintenance or your maintenance or license has expired and you want to get access to these great new features, contact us for your options.

How do I know if I already have StataNow™?

When you start Stata, you will see StataNow on the splash screen. You can also type about and you will see StataNow on the first line.

How do I continue receiving new features in StataNow™?

We are adding new features to StataNow continuously. To access these features, all you (or your system administrator) need to do is type update all in the Command window in StataNow. Then type help whatsnew to see the chronological list of all features.

New in Stata 18

  • Bayesian model averaging
  • Causal mediation analysis
  • Tables of descriptive statistics
  • Group sequential designs
  • Robust inference for linear models
  • Wild cluster bootstrap
  • Flexible demand systems
  • TVCs with interval-censored Cox model
  • GOF plots for survival models
  • Lasso for Cox model
  • Heterogeneous DID
  • Multilevel meta-analysis
  • Meta-analysis for prevalence
  • Local projections for IRFs
  • Model selection for ARIMA and ARFIMA
  • RERI
  • New spline functions
  • Corrected and consistent AICs
  • IV fractional probit model
  • IV quantile regression
  • All-new graph style
  • Graph colors by variable
  • Alias variables across frames
  • Frame sets
  • Boost-based regular expressions
  • Vectorized numerical integration
  • New reporting features
  • Do-file Editor enhancements
  • Data Editor enhancements

                                                                                                              Which Stata is right for me?

                                                                                                              Whether you’re a student or a seasoned research professional, we have a package designed to suit your needs:

                                                                                                              • Stata/MP: The fastest edition of Stata (for quad-core, dual-core, and multicore/multiprocessor computers) that can analyze the largest datasets
                                                                                                              • Stata/SE: Standard edition; for larger datasets
                                                                                                              • Stata/BE: Basic edition; for mid-sized datasets

                                                                                                              Stata/MP is the fastest and largest edition of Stata. Virtually any current computer can take advantage of the advanced multiprocessing of Stata/MP. This includes the Intel i3, i5, i7, i9, Xeon, Celeron, and AMD multi-core chips. On dual-core chips, Stata/MP runs 40% faster overall and 72% faster where it matters, on the time-consuming estimation commands. With more than two cores or processors, Stata/MP is even faster.

                                                                                                              Stata/MP, Stata/SE, and Stata/BE all run on any machine, but Stata/MP runs faster. You can purchase a Stata/MP license for up to the number of cores on your machine (maximum is 64). For example, if your machine has eight cores, you can purchase a Stata/MP license for eight cores, four cores, or two cores.

                                                                                                              Stata/MP can also analyze more data than any other edition of Stata. Stata/MP can analyze 10 to 20 billion observations given the current largest computers, and is ready to analyze up to 1 trillion observations once computer hardware catches up.

                                                                                                              Stata/SE and Stata/BE differ only in the dataset size that each can analyze. Stata/SE (up to 10,998) and Stata/MP (up to 65,532) can fit models with more independent variables than Stata/BE (up to 798). Stata/SE can analyze up to 2 billion observations.

                                                                                                              Stata/BE allows datasets with as many as 2,048 variables and 2 billion observations. Stata/BE can have at most 798 independent variables in a model.

                                                                                                              All the above editions have the same complete set of features and include PDF documentation.

                                                                                                              Compare Features

                                                                                                              Stata/MP is the fastest and largest edition of Stata.

                                                                                                              Almost every computer can take advantage of the advanced multiprocessing capabilities of Stata/MP.
                                                                                                              Stata/MP provides the most extensive multicore support of any statistics and data management package.

                                                                                                              Performance of Stata/MP

                                                                                                              Speed on multiple cores relative to speed on a single core Stata/MP is faster — much faster.

                                                                                                              Stata/MP lets you analyze data in one-half to two-thirds the time compared with Stata/SE on inexpensive dual-core laptops and in one-quarter to one-half the time on quad-core desktops and laptops. Stata/MP runs even faster on multi-processor servers. Stata/MP supports up to 64 cores/processors.
                                                                                                              Speed is often most crucial when performing computationally intense estimation procedures. A few of Stata"s estimation procedures, including linear regression, are nearly perfectly parallelized, meaning they run twice as fast on two cores, four times as fast on four cores, eight times as fast on eight cores, and so on. Some estimation commands can be parallelized more than others. Taken at the median, estimation commands run 1.7 times faster on 2 cores, 2.6 times faster on 4 cores, and 3.4 times faster on 8 cores.
                                                                                                              Speed can also be important when managing large datasets. Adding new variables is nearly 100 percent parallelized, and sorting is 61 percent parallelized.
                                                                                                              Some procedures are not parallelized and some are inherently sequential, meaning they run the same speed in Stata/MP.
                                                                                                              For a complete assessment of Stata/MP"s performance, including command-by-command statistics, see the Stata/MP Performance Report


                                                                                                              Max. no. of variables

                                                                                                              Max. no. of independent variables

                                                                                                              Max. no. of observations




                                                                                                              20 billion*




                                                                                                              2.14 billion




                                                                                                              2.14 billion

                                                                                                              *The maximum number of observations is limited by the amount of available RAM on your system.

                                                                                                              Because speed is most important when your problems are big, Stata/MP supports even larger datasets than Stata/SE.

                                                                                                              Stata/SE can analyze up to 2 billion observations. Stata/MP can analyze 10 to 20 billion observations on the largest computers currently available and is ready to analyze up to 1 trillion observations once computer hardware catches up. Stata/MP also allows 120,000 variables compared to 32,767 variables allowed by Stata/SE.

                                                                                                              What computer should I use to run Stata/MP?

                                                                                                              Stata/MP is a edition of Stata that can perform symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) on a computer with multiple processors or cores.

                                                                                                              Stata/MP licenses are not platform specific, and Stata/MP is available on all operating systems supported by Stata:

                                                                                                              • Windows (64-bit x86-64)
                                                                                                              • mac OS (Apple Silicon and 64-bit Intel)
                                                                                                              • Linux (64-bit x86-64)

                                                                                                              A computer’s processor is often called the central processing unit, or CPU. Computers can have multiple CPUs, and Stata/MP takes advantage of this design to process data faster.

                                                                                                              Virtually all computers now have processors with multiple cores. A core is the computation engine of a CPU, consisting of integer and floating-point processing units. Thus a computer with one dual-core processor is similar to a computer with two processors. In fact, Stata/MP does not distinguish between CPUs and cores; it is designed to use systems with up to 64 cores—be they single core (one per CPU), dual core (two per CPU), or multicore (many per CPU).

                                                                                                              Most manufacturers sell multiprocessor computers as servers. Thus your choice is to buy a desktop or laptop computer with a multicore CPU or a server with multiple processors, each of which likely has multiple cores. Having more processors/cores means that Stata/MP will run faster.

                                                                                                              Be aware of the term “hyperthreaded”, however. Stata/MP runs faster on hyperthreaded processors, but not as fast as it would if you had full cores instead of hyperthreads. Computers with multiple hyperthreaded processors are suitable for Stata/MP. The number of real processors is the critical factor.

                                                                                                              Both Intel and AMD manufactured chips are appropriate for Stata/MP on Windows or Linux, and both Apple Silicon and Intel are appropriate for Stata/MP on macOS. You can use any version of Windows from 10 to newer, or Linux, or you can use a Mac with macOS 10.13 or newer to run Stata/MP.

                                                                                                              Regardless of the system you buy, the most important thing you can do is to ensure that you have enough memory to hold 1.5 times the maximum dataset size you plan to use.

                                                                                                              Compatible Operating Systems

                                                                                                              Stata will run on the platforms listed below. While Stata software is platform-specific, your Stata license is not; therefore, you need not specify your operating system when placing your order for a license.


                                                                                                              Stata for Windows®
                                                                                                              • Windows 11 *
                                                                                                              • Windows 10 *
                                                                                                              • Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012R2 *
                                                                                                              * Stata requires 64-bit Windows for x86-64 processors made by Intel® or AMD (Core i3 equivalent or better)

                                                                                                              Stata for Mac®
                                                                                                              • Mac with Apple Silicon or Intel processor (Core i3 or better)
                                                                                                              • macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or newer for Macs with 64-bit intel processors

                                                                                                              Stata for Linux
                                                                                                              • Any 64-bit (Core i3 equivalent or better) running Linux
                                                                                                              • Minimum requirements include the GNU C library (glibc) 2.17 or better and libcurl4
                                                                                                                • Check the output of ldd -v within a terminal
                                                                                                              • For xstata, you need to have GTK 2.24 installed

                                                                                                              Hardware Requirements

                                                                                                                PackageMemoryDisk space
                                                                                                                Stata/MP4 GB2 GB
                                                                                                                Stata/SE2 GB2 GB
                                                                                                                Stata/BE1 GB2 GB

                                                                                                              Stata for Linux requires a video card that can display thousands of colors or more (16-bit or 24-bit color)

                                                                                                              Order Stata® Software

                                                                                                              Purchase Stata for business, government, nonprofit, educational, or student use. New purchases, maintenance, upgrades, and renewals are available.

                                                                                                              We will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Contact us

                                                                                                              Annual License: An annual license entitles you to receive updates and new releases of Stata software, provides uninterrupted access to technical support, and allows easy renewals of your Stata license.

                                                                                                              Perpetual License: A perpetual license will not expire and may be purchased with maintenance to ensure continuous access to both technical support and future releases of Stata.

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                                                                                                              Stata Journal


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                                                                                                              Evaluation License Request

                                                                                                              An evaluation license gives professional researchers the opportunity to explore all the features of Stata while making purchasing decisions. To request an evaluation license, please contact us

                                                                                                              Student Short Term License Request

                                                                                                              Students needing to use Stata for a maximum of one week during a course may request a short term license. To request a short term license, please contact us

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