Training & Professional Services

ColumbiaCP and its authorized channel partners offer Consultancy Services, Online Product Training, OnSite Training Programs, and Product Dev & Deployment services to help you get the most from your investment.

Online Product Training Sessions

ColumbiaCP ensures that Comprehensive Training course(s) covers Installation, Configuration, and Recommended Usage of the Publisher’s product. Some Classes are held ON DEMAND, some on a Regular Basis. One to One Training arrangeable.

Product Development & Deployment Services

ColumbiaCP's team of Partner Consultants offer assistance with all stages of product development & deployment, including network design, product configuration, and enterprise-wide integration. Remote Control, Disaster Recovery Management and Computer Forensics including Network Security are offered.

Product RePublishing, Design & Language Translation Services

ColumbiaCP's team of Partner Publishing & Packaging Consultants offer assistance with all stages of Product Publishing/RePublishing, including Branding, Design, Production and Language Translation integration.

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