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What is a NetCourse®?

  • NetCourses are convenient web-based courses for learning Stata.
Why should you enroll?
  • NetCourses teach you how to exploit the full power of Stata.
  • NetCourses are inexpensive.
  • NetCourses let you fit the course into your schedule, not the other way around.
  • More than 14,000 Stata users have taken Stata NetCourses.
  • We offer NetCourses for Stata users of all experience levels, from beginning to advance

What is a NetCourse?
Stata NetCourses are web-based training courses on using Stata; they vary in length from six to seven weeks. You must have anemail address and a web browser to participate.

How does it work?
Stata NetCourses are not conducted in real time, so you are not required to be online participating at any specific time. Instead,lectures are posted every Friday, and participants can view/work on course materials at their convenience anytime thereafter. Afterreading the lecture, participants can post questions and comments to the course discussion area. Course leaders respond to thequestions and comments on Tuesday and Thursday. The other participants are encouraged to respond to the questions orcomments, as well. After the last lecture, discussion continues for a few weeks until the course concludes.

How much of my time does it take?
The course is designed to take roughly 5 hours per week (varies by course).

Is there homework?
We do not assign howework, but the lectures do include exercises. We suggest that you puzzle over them and ask questions if thesolution does not occur to you.

There are three of us here — can just one of us enroll and redistribute the NetCourse material?
We ask that you not do this. NetCourses are priced to cover the substantial time input of the course leaders. Moreover, enrollmentis typically limited to prevent the discussion from becoming unmanageable. The value of a NetCourse, just like a real course, is the interaction of the participants, both among themselves and with the course leaders.

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