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Columbia CP Ltd

ColumbiaCP Group is an Independent Distributor of Software Applications for Scientific, Engineering, Chemistry, CAD, Programming Tools and Internet Components.

Columbia CP Ltd was established in 1989 in Hong Kong with branches in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam distributing and reselling a range of over 4000+ Software Titles.

We partner and work with over 200+ Downline Resellers and serves Govt, Corporate and Education Users in most parts of the Asia Pacific.


We strive to improve our Services and hope to better serve our customers by shortening and improving our response time to customer enquiries. If you need an immediate answer on a quote, please direct all enquires to for the range of softwares we carry. Once received, our team of highly skilled Officers will get to work on your requirements and reply you soonest possible.

We strive to continue to deliver timely Physical Shipments (Box Products) on a promised 5-10 days lead time, with Shipments leaving our US facility, Columbia Cp INC or Publisher's location on Fridays and arriving over the weekend..... with Mondays being the Target Delivery Date in Asia's Time Zone. We ride on FedEx and other International Couriers.

For Shipments that are ESDs (Electronic Software Downloads) and requires S/N, Reg Keys or Activation codes to be delivered via email, we will (on request) go the extra mile for our Customers - Downloading for them on CD, Registering for them on behalf and storing Archives of their Registration Records in our Database for future references.

If you are near any of our offices in Asia, please do not hesitate to reach our friendly staff who speak English, Chinese (Putonghua, Cantonese, Hokkien, Chiuchow, Hainanese, Shanghainese, etc) Malay, Indian, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese and etc.


Contact : Elsie Mak

Tel: +852-2858 0080

Email :


Contact : Janet Sim

Tel: +65-6842 5538

Email :


Contact : Seethal

Tel : +603-5638 9268

Email :


Contact : Alex Yang

Tel: +86 131 47501748 / +86 20 22644215

Email :


Contact : Ruddy Bulan

Tel: +62 21-8071 5141 / +62813 1567 3696 / +62878 8901 5122

Email :


Contact : Sally Guerzon

Tel: 0-917 530 3325 / + 63-2-5664488

Email :


Contact : Mr Nach

Tel: +66-8-17209515 Mr Nach

Email :


Contact : MacHan (Hoang Anh)

Tel: +84 4 37870931 /+84 985 460 499

Email :

Alternately, you can email us on for all general enquiries.

Thank you for visiting and helping us go the 2nd mile.

Raymond Wong

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